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Joy of Open Source

*** update IV/2017:  from comment below, check this great raster plug-in  from Victor Veralde Gutiérrez too:  *** I have got great, absolutely amazing  joy today from my own open source experiment. In 2014, nearly 2 years ago,  I have published … Continue reading

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WMS overlay with MapBox-gl-js 0.5.2

Quick and dirty test of the WMS capabilities of the new MapBox-gl-js 0.5.2 API. First of all, yes ! it is possible to overlay (legacy) WMS over the vector WebGL rendered base map … however the way is not straightforward: … Continue reading

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WebGL polyline tessellation with MapBox-GL-JS

update 09/20015 : test of tesspathy.js library here . Other sources to look: *** original post *** This post attempted to use pixi.js tessellation of the polyline, this time let’s look on how mapbox-gl-js can do this. In short … Continue reading

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Data Visualisation with d3.js Cookbook

bought this great book on  d3.js (Data-Driven documents), written by  Nick Qi Zhu D3 can plot map in various projections, however do not expect to get same set of (overlapping) functionality as Leaflet or OpenLayers. D3 can extend these mapping frameworks. … Continue reading

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Leaflet, WebGL / Canvas tiled vectors

Update June 2014: Simple point WebGL sample is here: Cool WebGL and Canvas demo of vector drawing in Leaflet 0.8  ! WebGL: Canvas : GitHub project:  

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Leaflet 0.7 vs. OpenLayers 3 beta 1 on iOS

Made quick test of these 2 +1 HTML5 renderers on iOS running inside iOS app in the WebView, that is without Nitro acceleration.  All run on iPad Air Leaflet 0.7 : great , works fine, everywhere, doesn’t load while dragging … Continue reading

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OpenLayers or GoogleMap v3 for mobile web app ?

[2014 January] UPDATE : new Openlayers 3 beta 1 works quite well on iPad as well as Laeflet 0.7, check post here: [2011 September] UPDATE : new Openlayers 2.11 works quite well on iPad/iPhone.   I have experimented with OpenLayers … Continue reading

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  iKatastr enables to view cadastral information in Czech Republic and view the owner of the parcel/building.  I would like to mention here few technical details – iKatastr is actually less programmed but more configured. iKatastr on mobile uses Universal Map Format that defines the data sources … Continue reading

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Overlay WMS on Google in OpenLayers

[Note: therea are related post: overlyaing tiled WMS over the new Google Map v3 and overlying tiled WMS over the Silverlight Bing map %5D Is it possible to display WMS (EPSG:4326) over the Google (EPSG:900913) in Openlayers ? Yes ! thanks to the … Continue reading

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OLON in MapShake

It has been a while since I have created WMSBinder.( Finally I have updated and merged it with MapShake (create new map). So you can enjoy it inside the environment that can store your open layers maps and share them … Continue reading

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