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3D visual interactive analysis with myVR SDK

Recent weeks I have been working on the concept code named ‘Impact IN’  where I could apply few interesting ideas of the modern, interactive 3D  geospatial analysis. The core 3D functionality and viewshed analysis is provided by myVR SDK . While … Continue reading

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Flyover mode in MapKit with WMS

Suprise, iOS 9 MapKit finally enables  flyeover mode with WMS overlays ! I have used my github  MapKit sample and only  set in MapViewController    mkMapView.mapType = MKMapTypeHybridFlyover;

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Overlay WMS on 3D maps on iOS

After more than 3 years it still amazes me how  good is  myVR  technology  for 3D  maps on  iOS.  Watch Czech Republic DMT with CUZK orthophoto as base map  and cadastral or geography WMS overlay:

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PC web vs. Mobile app usage

This chart shows real usage (sessions)  of iKatastr app over 5 years of running  as app on iOS, Android and on PC as web page  in CZ.  Tiny Windows Store app  and  Windows Phone app usage couldn’t be rendered at … Continue reading

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Drawing Shape File on MapKit

Simple & strightforward test of loading shape file and drawing it on MapKit on iOS8 using drawMapRect GitHub:   draws only polygons so far primitive optimization, no scale optimisation Reading of shape file is performed by shapelib credits/inspiration: drawing : … Continue reading

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ArcGIS vs iKatastr2 on iOS

Interesting to see few graphs showing number of downloads of the ArcGIS  vs iKatastr2 on iOS for Czech Republic.  Data are taken from  (login requiered).   iPhone: iPad      

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The dilema of mobile app development

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MapBox GL – vector map open source project

Open Source OpenGL vector map rendering called MapBox GL, introduced here.  Quick  test run on iPad Air was successful and is available here : Quotes from the site: “Mapbox GL is based on the same vector tile format that powers … Continue reading

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WMS on MapKit with iOS7

Updated WMS over MapKit sample code for iOS7 , available on github  I have added cadastral maps of Czech Republic, used camera API to set the view and tested, check also WMS on Google  Maps SDK on iOS mentioned here iOS7 introduced new … Continue reading

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WMS with Google Maps on iOS

Sample for using WMS sources in Google Maps SDK for iOS. available on github here: Provide your API key in the WMSController.h Google Maps for iOS used : 1.7.2 (April 2014) used XCode 5.1.1 (April 2014) iPad Air, iOS … Continue reading

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