OpenLayers or GoogleMap v3 for mobile web app ?

[2014 January] UPDATE : new Openlayers 3 beta 1 works quite well on iPad as well as Laeflet 0.7, check post here:

[2011 September] UPDATE : new Openlayers 2.11 works quite well on iPad/iPhone.


I have experimented with OpenLayers 2.9 using touch.js extension for capturing touch events from iPhone/iPad. Although stripped down version of OL is about 184KB, the performance is very bad. If you have iPhone/iPad check this experiment: (note it will not work from desktop browser)

OL team is working on v3 of OL to be more lighter, faster even for mobile devices, see here:  or here :

Meanwhile I have tested new GoogleMaps v3 how it works on iPhone/iPad. despite few problems (stability, problems with cached tiles or disconnected JavaScirpt  to load new tiles -iPad)  it works pretty well . Check yourself this page from your mobile touch device (iPhone.iPad,Android):

Conclusion : Google Maps v3 wins on mobile over the Openlayers 2.9


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