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Overlay WMS on 3D maps on iOS

After more than 3 years it still amazes me how  good is  myVR  technology  for 3D  maps on  iOS.  Watch Czech Republic DMT with CUZK orthophoto as base map  and cadastral or geography WMS overlay:

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WMS overlay with MapBox-gl-js 0.5.2

Quick and dirty test of the WMS capabilities of the new MapBox-gl-js 0.5.2 API. First of all, yes ! it is possible to overlay (legacy) WMS over the vector WebGL rendered base map … however the way is not straightforward: … Continue reading

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WMS overlay on Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1

I agree with this blog “Learning how to use Maps in the .Net world is a never ending business. There are major API-differences between WPF, Silverlight, Windows 8 Store apps and Windows Phone and even between WP7 and WP8. Windows Phone … Continue reading

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WMS on MapKit with iOS7

Updated WMS over MapKit sample code for iOS7 , available on github  I have added cadastral maps of Czech Republic, used camera API to set the view and tested, check also WMS on Google  Maps SDK on iOS mentioned here iOS7 introduced new … Continue reading

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WMS with Google Maps on iOS

Sample for using WMS sources in Google Maps SDK for iOS. available on github here: https://github.com/Sumbera/WMS_iOS_GoogleMapSDK Provide your API key in the WMSController.h Google Maps for iOS used : 1.7.2 (April 2014) used XCode 5.1.1 (April 2014) iPad Air, iOS … Continue reading

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Tiled WMS overlay in Windows Phone 8

Update May 2014: version for Windows Phone 8.1 is here: https://blog.sumbera.com/2014/05/23/wms-overlay-on-windows-8-1-and-windows-phone-8-1/  Looking on Windows Phone 8 Map SDK, I have tried to migrate a simple WMS overlay from Windows   Phone 7 (Bing map) – blogged here : https://blog.sumbera.com/2010/11/07/tiled-wms-overlay-in-windows-phone-7/ Changes : … Continue reading

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WMS overlay in iOS MapKit

update May 2014: iOS7 version and notes available here: https://blog.sumbera.com/2014/05/17/wms-on-mapkit-with-ios7/   I have crafted really simple and quick code at ESA App dev camp for viewing WMS sources.  And as few people questioned  me on  how to do this, I am … Continue reading

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Windows Phone 7 and WMS test

  Update #1  13/03/2013, here is new  blog about Tiled WMS overlay for Windows Phone 8 :https://blog.sumbera.com/2013/03/10/tiled-wms-overlay-in-windows-phone-8/ I have quickly tested my new Windows Phone 7 (Samsung Omnia) device with the Czech cadastral map WMS overlay over the BingMaps and DeepEarth … Continue reading

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Tiled WMS overlay on Google Map v3

this is the third sample of the tiled WMS overlay over the Spherical Mercator, this time over the new Google Map v3. Previsous post talked about overlyaing WMS in  Silverlight Bing maps (https://blog.sumbera.com/2010/02/25/overlay-wms-on-google-in-silverlight-bing/ ) and OpenLayers (https://blog.sumbera.com/2010/02/17/overlay-wms-on-google-in-openlayers/). Sample application can be … Continue reading

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Overlay WMS on Google in OpenLayers

[Note: therea are related post: overlyaing tiled WMS over the new Google Map v3 https://blog.sumbera.com/2010/11/02/tiled-wms-overlay-on-google-map-v3/ and overlying tiled WMS over the Silverlight Bing map https://blog.sumbera.com/2010/02/25/overlay-wms-on-google-in-silverlight-bing/ %5D Is it possible to display WMS (EPSG:4326) over the Google (EPSG:900913) in Openlayers ? Yes ! thanks to the … Continue reading

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