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JSON in/out in C# not anymore rigid

Very nice and concise summary of the using dynamics, ExpandoObject and JSON.net for easy serialization/deserialization of JSON in C# – finally using JavaScript-like (dynamic)  access to JSON members. http://thewayofcode.wordpress.com/2012/09/18/c-dynamic-object-and-json-serialization-with-json-net/


iKatastr / MapShake

Poznamka 2018:  tohle je archivni blog o tom, z ceho vznikl iKatastr – byl to vlastne   derivat (vygenerovana mapa) jinak neuspesneho  projektu MapShake.czScreen Shot 2018-10-02 at 6.09.41 PM

iKatastr enables to view cadastral information in Czech Republic and view the owner of the parcel/building.  I would like to mention here few technical details – iKatastr is actually less programmed but more configured. iKatastr on mobile uses Universal Map Format that defines the data sources for map composition and the query request when tapping on-screen. iKatastr in web do the same thing, it uses JSON definition to read full map composition. Moreover web version is linked with MapShake where the configuration of the map can be authored, verified, shared with friends and even you can generate your own iKatastr map as HTML page. the map you see on www.ikatastr.cz is the same that is stored on Mapshake here : http://www.mapshake.cz/549-iKatastr . To generate map similar to www.ikatastr.cz you need to press the <html> button   in the lower left corner to get this page: http://www.mapshake.cz/mapjs.aspx?i=549 from where you can copy/paste the full JavaScript stack to regenerate map on your side.  In the generated map you can also find this linked JavaScript : http://www.mapshake.cz/mi/549.js that is used  by www.ikatastr.cz.

So the bottom line is : do not programme, rather  generate / configure your maps !