Leaflet 0.7 vs. OpenLayers 3 beta 1 on iOS

leafol2Made quick test of these 2 +1 HTML5 renderers on iOS running inside iOS app in the WebView, that is without Nitro acceleration.  All run on iPad Air

Leaflet 0.7 : great , works fine, everywhere, doesn’t load while dragging map (on mobile only) , runs on Microsoft  Surface too.

OpenLayers 3 beta 1 : runs fine too, loads map during dragging, seems like smaller framerate, can over zoom OSM, doesn’t run in Microsoft Surface well.

Seznam Mapy Api v 4 – proprietary renderer from Seznam , bad rendering  on iOS, missing tiles, nice map sources

Videos and original web pages used: – screencasted by AirPlay – that is directly from iPad Air:

B. OpenLayers 3 beta1

C. Mapy Api v 4.8

2 thoughts on “Leaflet 0.7 vs. OpenLayers 3 beta 1 on iOS

  1. Blair

    Nice review. I’m curious what version of the surface and os is having problems? We need to make a decision regarding leaflet for a surface3 windows 10 deploy in the near future.

    1. Stanislav Post author

      it was surface 1, w8.0 , problem was at OL 3 beta, now it might be gone in latest OL 3.x, however I prefer Leaflet as it is more transparent code ( easy to hack) and small.


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