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Whatevermap engine v iKatastru

iKatastr pro iPad/iPhone je poháněn Whatevermap enginem, ten toho dokaze vic, nez  se na prvni pohled zda. Jirka Kaminek predvedl ‘kouzlo’ s bezici v aplikaci iKatastr !  

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  iKatastr enables to view cadastral information in Czech Republic and view the owner of the parcel/building.  I would like to mention here few technical details – iKatastr is actually less programmed but more configured. iKatastr on mobile uses Universal Map Format that defines the data sources … Continue reading

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Seznam pracuje na verzi pro iPhone.  Prozatim ukázal pouze screenshoty… např. zde , které ovšem vypadají velice  slibně. V rámci vývoje Whatevermap 2.0  se vyzkoušel prototyp přístupu ke zrojům na iPhone . Následující video předvádí na iPhone … Continue reading

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iPhone and HOLUX1200 GPS bluetooth with Navigon

I have bought recently Navigon for iPhone for Europe and tested this in various conditions in Czech Republic. Despite overall great ratings I was disappointed.  The GPS signal was weak and was occasionally lost. When I drive on a road … Continue reading

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More Whatevermap screenshots

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WhateverMap on Apple Store

WhateverMap Lite v1.0, developed by Jiri Kaminek  has been today accepted for distribution through Apple Store . You can download it here (iTunes and iPhone requiered): tms:// WhateverMap is similar to Google Maps but you can use different branch-specific map sources. … Continue reading

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Whatevermap alpha

programmed by Jiri Kaminek ( music by Dave Fish, Album CITADEL  1998  (, )

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