Apple A7 faster than my desktop cpu

I am developing for iOS on 2.5  years old  white MacBook (mid 2010) which has a Geekbench3 64 bit  mutli core result of average 2395 (mac scores  ) This Mac is powered by  Intel Core 2 Duo P8600 2400 MHz (2 cores), runs quite well  as it has upgraded SSD disk  (OWC Mercury Extreme 6G) and 8GB RAM , now with Maverick OS X even better in performance  than previous OS X cats.

Now latest Apple A7 64 bit processor has scored  2564 in the same benchmark  posted here

So yes, Apple A7 is a desktop-class processor, that in my case could teoretically run instead of my current Intel CPU  to handle all development  tasks I do on daily basis.

here is a snapshot of my over-tableted working place.


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