Czech oblique images

I have put together simple web app that overlays cadastral maps with otrophoto , if you zoom more you will  see bird’s eye high quality images, that you can rotate (left upper corner arrows) it is not possible yet to overlay in the bird’s eye WMS overlay with cadastral info, however I was amazed with the quality of the images covering whole Czech Republic and in better quality than Google (provider called Seznam is local big Google rival) Rendering is not great either as their rendering is proprietary and not of the quality as OpenLayers or Leaflet. Anyway the information coming from oblique images , or let’s say ‘predefined camera positions’ is very useful of understanding spatial situation in the respective area. May be the fact that user doesn’t need to move fully in 3D space but is limited somehow is better than full 3D ‘free form’ , ‘game-like’ navigation – one can be easily lost there. Also I found it equal or even better than information provided by street view data (what google provides) as street view is ‘too close’ and I have found myself quite often lost in the ‘street-view’

page is available here (click on image):

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 10.42.43

if you zoom in you will see this :

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 10.40.07

Code available here:

Demo here:


Mapy CUZK mobile app available

pikto_100“Mapy CUZK” has been just released on both Android and iOS platforms by “CUZK”( “Czech Office For Surveying, Mapping and Cadastre”). The app enables to see various map compositions from OGC services, perform query and search in the map. it is based the  same engine that powers iKatastr2, enables flexible extensions and uses modern myVR rendering engine.

Apple App Store :

Google Play :

iKatastr 25 months statistics

Following graphs shows  more than 2 years overview of project iKatastr on various platforms – web site, iOS, Android. Project iKatastr does simple stuff – shows cadastral map and enables user to tap on map and get information from the parcel registry (e.g. owner) in Czech Republic. Except Android version, all started at the same time 2 years ago for web, iPhone and iPad. All of the users of iKatastr are solely Czech consumers and thus reflect situation in the Czech app stores and web.


first graph shows how monthly sessions have evolved. Original thought that mobile launch of app iKatastr would boost web site visit failed. However after 15 months of runing web site and rephrasing some keywords for SEO it started dramatically to gain visits.  Decline of iOS version in last 4 months is caused most likely by new project iKatastr2 that replaces the original one on iOS. iKatastr2 statistics is not yet revealed here.


second graph shows distribution of sessions among all platforms of iKatastr. 75% of all iKatastr sessions comes from mobile devices, while only 25% comes from web.

iKatastr2 on 6th place in Křišťálová lupa 2012

I am excited   that  project I have been working on at Intergraph called ” iKatastr2″  has placed on  6th position in category “Mobile service” in national competition called “Kříšťálová lupa 2012” (Czech Internet Prize)
  • First 3 places has been occupied by popular news applications or national TV app ( hundreds of thousands users).
  • 4th place positioned  AVG antivirus application for Android. (tens of millions users)
  • 5th place took Czech public  transit application. (hundreds of thousands users)
iKatastr2 was the only map/geospatial-related application  nominated
few reasons for success are :
  •  good content provided through  OGC standards  by national mapping agency (CUZK)
  •  great user experience  for getting job done
  •  application quality and stability
  •  focus on local (national)  services rather than global

Awarding ceremony was great fun  ! it was in the spirit of end of the world in 2012 so stage was styled as cemetery and winners received among other gravestones . Each winner had a chance to say something and then they passed into the black tunnel to ‘the other side’ as the end of the world is planned in 3 weeks.