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Chess clock for focused work

I.have tried several systems for improving my focus while working remotely over the 20 years, here is the latest one that works very well. Unlike classic Pomodoro system it doesn’t ring and doesn’t limit you by the pre-set time. If you are in a flow state – you are not distracted by the need for ‘break’. This system is using analogue Chess clock. I start day at 12.00 on both clocks. Left side clock represent distractions, breaks – my oponent. Right side clock represents  my focus work.  Any time I do breaks or I am distracted I need to punch the upper button – there is actually  joy doing this with my special Karate-like super-fast  clock switch technique. The clock is robust enough to sustain my punching. Also at each hour passed on the right  clock I hear clearly rustle of the red flag indicating it – kind of satisfying and not distracting. At the end of the day I can clearly see who is the winner and total amount of time spent by work. Oh no, writing blog is actually distraction, back to focused work,  “punch” – it ticks better now  :) Enjoy.