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OLON Store In MapShake

This is very experimental. You can now experimentaly upload your OLON content under your account in MapShake. Try this:

1. Go to site http://www.sumbera.com/lab/wmsbinder/getcap.htm (sorry in CZ and just local projection JTSK) , just zoom to some place and click on thumbnails of WMS )

2. you may draw some vectors as well, go to OLON tab and export it, copy OLON content into clipborad (so far manual step).

3. Make sure you have active account in MapShake (www.mapshake.cz, again sorry it is in Czech , however it should be intuitive, if not let me know ..)

4. go to page http://www.mapshake.cz/createmap.aspx and post your OLON content from step 2 (from clipborad) into MapShake

5. your map will be stored in MapShake on success…

there are some known issues regarding zooming in MapShake reconstructed OLON map.


OLON in OpenLayers 2.7


Playing with OL context and OLON (OpenLayers Object Notation) that is based on JSON I have found that the sample provided on the OLON sandbox in OL repository doesn’t work well with vectors, in fact it ignores vectors at all.  Reading through the code it was quite easy to discover the problem – vector.js (layer) didn’t serialize  “features”, moreover during deserialization, features were nulled. To make OLON properly work in OL 2.7   for vectors, add following to the vector.js (lib\OpenLayers\Layer\Vector.js)

[line 197]
serializable: { 
"args": ["name"], 
"props": ["features"] 
[line 238]
if (!this.features) 
this.features = []; 

If you have pure 2.7 OL version installed, following link can help you to make difs against what is needed for OLON to work at 2.7: http://trac.openlayers.org/changeset/7323 …or you may download complete 2.7 version of OpenLayers with OLON extension from the MapBinder sample at http://www.sumbera.com/lab/wmsbinder/getcap.htm since OL there  is not compressed.