MapSnack – your fast map viewer

I’ve tested AJAX based approach for displaying maps on web page. I took sample area north to Brno  20x 20 km covered by various geodata including VHR IR images. I had to intercept HTML requests to  map server to see what it takes to generate map of particular range and layer. (I had no access to map server, nor I took care what mapping engine serves maps, but it was not in format of WMS). I found quite simple prototype of AJAX display on mike page and I bend it little bit to work with geographicaly referenced maps (actually I needed JTSK system used here in Czech Republic). Conclusion is that AJAX approach for map display has lot of potential since is is elegant, extensible and transparent for end user (just save your page and you may run locally your client or include your client on your own page. Also more about AJAX vs. Flas approach for map displaying see David Blasby’s blog On my sample you may zoom in/out and pan. In zoom level 4 you will get IR aerial images. tested on IE6 and NN6.
enjoy it…

MapSnack launched

I am excited to announce born of MapSnack. I and my colleague Jachym have created experimental Live Linux CD with GIS capability called ‘MapSnack’..your fast food for GIS. Interesting fact is that it can be run directly on HW or as virtual machine from VMware. The reason to do it was to give data consumers not only processed data but also basic functionality to view, analyse and publish them. Moreover installation time is either zero (in case of live runing) or just copy ISO file to your computer to run it from VMware. But may be it is crazy … you go for a shoping and buy an ice cream and you get fridge for free…:))
download iso [669 MB] – you can burn ISO on CD and run as Live Linux
download VMX config [1 KB] to run ISO file as virtual machine
If you don’t have VMware Workstation, go to VMware player to download free virtual machine player either for Windows or for Linux so you can enjoy running LiveCD on top of your host OS.
Details to run MapSnack in VMware Player: Download both files (ISO + VMX) into the same folder – named for example MapSnack. When you double click on VMX file you will get VMware player running and asking you to create new identifier…just confirm. Then MapSnack enters full screen mode…to get out back to your host OS pres Ctrl+alt.