Towards spatial interactive

at myVR I have been working last months  to bring into the life ARKit and ARCore prototypes/apps using mMap SDK.  At HxGN Live 2018 they have been presented as part of the Hexagon’s Xalt.  You can see the demos  on the page here:

Looking back, one of the best decision for me was to go native in 2011 for iOS app “Spatial Reader”  to make mobile apps. It was not because iOS was more difficult and challenging, rather potential of the device as whole  that can be exploited only by going deep into the platform. This tight integration Apple is pursuing  is about interactivity, user experience and simplicity, and  in this ARKit case – literally ‘Spatial Interactivity’.

For HxGN live we have also  used anamorphic image to represent real excavation – the type of image and projection that make perfect 3D illusion from certain point of view.

2 thoughts on “Towards spatial interactive

  1. Martin Verfel

    Promiňte prosím, že vyrušuji. lze v ikatastru hledat podle parcelního čísla?
    Jinak je to super věc. Moc děkuji.



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