Technical vs. Business interface in SOA

keyboardmouseThere was a powerful interface that has been introduced on  early days of computers – Mr. Keyboard. The keyboard was very proud on himself since he could handle any technical commands that were necessary to control the computer. However later  with introducing of graphical screens a new interface came – Mrs. Mouse. Mrs. Mouse always argued that she is much more better than keyboard since she can quickly navigate and click over the windows and move objects quickly. Drag’n’drop was her favorite benchmark and higher granularity interface of mouse gestures was alpha and omega. Mr. Keyboard was frustrated, however he knew that there will be always need for precise command and control and that command line is a second nature of computers. Later on some engineers came and suggested to unite those two interfaces into one. They called it ‘One Input’ the result of the project was mouse covered on each of her button with small keys to handle commands. – it was called – “Keyboardmouse” ..the reason for this device was clear – we want to have just one interface into computer and be able to switch between advanced keyboard and easy to use mouse just by one hand button…There was a big show of this new approach showing connected/disconnected mode – when the mouse is on desk – you are connected and can use the mouse functionality, however when you lift mouse up, you can’t use anymore mouse functions since you are disconnected, but then you can use keyboard as ‘remote control’ device ;) …it really exist just I can’t understand why this marriage  haven’t reached yet wide adoption…


The point:


The Keyboard – this is a technical (Service Provider) interface

The Mouse – it is a business (Service Consumer) interface

they just can’t live on one port….

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