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Digital minimalism

analogify.jpgHyper self-digitalization is not healthy like any other extreme,   this is my observation, there are ways how to reduce it and since this is very new area of research it will take cca another decade to educate society on digital hygiene.  Meanwhile there are already some good books available –  Cal Newport’s Book : “Digital Minimalism”.

One of my first attempt was in 2013 so time to renew the effort.

Here is my “analogue” / d.minimal / non electronic arsenal:

  1. Pulsar watches: while Pulsar was first to introduce digital  LED watches, the ones I have are ‘automatic’ – fully mechanical taking kinetic energy of my hand to tick. No expensive at all. It was little bit hard to resist urge to buy smart watches (and all rationalization for the workouts) however ‘doesn’t need batteries’ (instead of batteries included) is so appealing !
  2.  Zenit 11: I found accidentally never used, virgin  analogue camera Zenit 11 (from ’80)  and bought it for few CZKs. It uses selenium cells for exposure measure, so no need for batteries at all.  This will be fun to try ! I used to have Zenit 12 so this is come back ! For note taking / documentary photos I will continue to use  digital camera. Zenit 11 will be my tool for mindfulness, patience, slow down -. Really excited with this piece. It smells  like just assembled in the KMZ factory and the sound of the closure is so pleasing… isn’t the name cool ? literally  ZEN  IT !
  3. Nokia 8110 4G : this is not smartphone, but replica of original Nokia 8110 used in Matrix, yet this supports LTE and hotspot, (except calls and SMS)-  all I need to use. KaiOS and cheap  buttons  slows me down to think before I call or react. This phone-modem will be used on the road as hotspot to power up my connectivity needs on other devices / computers on demand. So no more compulsive checks of emails, updates, social and other network etc.
  4. Bullet Journal : simple analogue system to track my progress and notes on various facets of my life, ideas, notes, hand written. Colored by pastel pencil with eraser.
  5. Solarex SSR 97 :  Solar only powered scientific calculator (from ’80)
  6. Coffee mill:  for my very own coffee ‘hand made’.
  7. Hourglass: do not confuse with waiting Windows hourglass, this ones are for deep work, focus, concentration, no interruption work.
  8. Rolling ruler: nice analog tool for parallels – many of them…


Another aspect to compensate “hyperdigitalisation” is workouts – I could finish 90 days challenge by Mark Lauren and can continue with his “You are Your Own Gym” workouts.