Inspired The Bata Way

“My System will not disappear. These buildings and machines, they’re just piles of bricks and iron. But the system I have created will serve future generations.” Tomas Bata

Great book on great system for living available in English from Tomas Bata.

Other interesting resources about Bata :

Example Page:158 , Chapter 36 ,  Read wholesome books and watch wholesome films.

The Bata Rule: Be selective about the books, films and music you let yourself be influenced by. Remember that your mind and soul are like sponges. They soak up everything and even if you think they don’t influence you, you’re wrong. Whatever you come into contact with in the course of the day will leave its imprint on you. It stirs your emotions and these then colour your overall humor. Surround yourself with positive stimuli and your own life will be more positive.


Chapter 43. The Opinion of Others Doesn’t Necessarily Matter At the end of the day, what matters most is what one thinks about oneself.

Criticism and flattery are frequent tools of manipulators. You may take note of them, but dont’ take them to heart.

The Bata rule: At any given moment, be the best version of yourself. Irrespective of what people around you think, be the best you that you can be at that given moment. That way you will be authentic, trustworthy and with no sense of guilt that something might have gone better.


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