Back to the feature phone



reverted to feature phone after 5 years of iPhone addiction. Here is my new phone. Great features:

– no more reading and responding to  emails in my  private time

– no more reading flipboard (tech crunch, CNET..)

– looking forward for the next day email surprises

– smaller and lighter than iPhone 5 or 6 :)

-no more twitter (btw. I have removed all my tweets and followers, sorry my flowers…, left only linkedIn and wordpress)

– killing feature : battery life up to several days

– very fast, focus on 3 single tasks done: phone  , sms , alarm

– absolute differentiation from all touch-based phones

– 5 Mpix camera as on my last iPhone (4) with autofocus

-supports USB mass storage and microSD card

– price : 90 USD


nice article back to feature phones

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