Intergraph 2010 session

ingr10_logo_localization2 Here is a video  from the prototype I did for the Intergraph 2010 keynote on “Geospatial Workflow Designer”  as part of the SOA/Composite services.


Another video showed prototype of hosting  GeoMedia Web Map on Amazon EC2 and Azure:

It was part of the large presentation  there #3119

3119: The Private Cloud: Integrating and Hosting Intergraph Services Using Microsoft Technologies
Service oriented architecture (SOA) has established a solid position within enterprise systems as the predominant way of integration and means of distributed computing. As part of the ongoing Intergraph SOA vision and roadmap, we are moving our research focus from foundation services to composite services and orchestration. The speaker of this session will discuss various aspects of orchestration using Workflow Foundation as well as options for hosting higher order services using Microsoft AppFabric and virtualization technologies – all elements of emerging private cloud architectures.
Date & Time: Wednesday, 9/1/2010 8:00 AM
Length: 45 minutes
Division: Security, Government & Infrastructure (SG&I)
Audience Type: User – General
Track / Sub-Track: Utilities & Communications;Defense & Intelligence;Public Safety & Security;Government & Transportation / SG&I General
Speaker(s): Stanislav Sumbera