Apple-like image carousel for Microsoft Power Point

***updated 02/2011 : Power Point 2010 includes lot of out-of-box nice animation – they are part of the Transitions effects, including “slide carousel” so you do not need to use below procedure unless you want to have glass reflection that ppt 2010 doesn’t provide in its default transitions “orbit” and “doors”.***

here is the ultimate Power Point “technology” that I have used in my previous blog for animation of pictures (check here: ). Yes ! it is just powerpoint animated and captured by video capture software. I believe you might find this useful too  when you need to present multiple screenshots (and impress audience)  with your cool image  carousel . You can easily customize it and use for your own presentations. Each image is self contained animation so you can copy/paste/change picture and possible sync by mouse clicking.  But deafult is that each image is waiting for cca 2 seconds in the front and then fade out and zoom out from the screen (while the next one is zooming in an fading-out)
In the following ‘image carousel pptx’  you can change images  by right clicking on any image and selecting “change picture” menu option.

7 thoughts on “Apple-like image carousel for Microsoft Power Point

  1. Jeroen Breugelmans

    Good idea!. We have been working on this concept as well, but we also encountered some problems with the standard powerpoint setup. The biggest drawback was that users could not interact with the pictures. In other words, change the pictures they wanted to see.. Our “solution” was to use Trigger effects that allows you to use only one slide and stay on that slide as long as the user wants. We have a full tutorial and sample file here:
    We hope this inspires people to come up with more innovating techniques.

  2. Brian

    When I convert it to Widescreen, it throws off the center point on some of them. Is there any easy way to adjust the other images?


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