MapShake – shake and store your maps


Remove the default map content from the map viewer, add your own spicy content with your preferred projection, annotate with your custom ingredience, look-up spatially for other recipes and shake it up. Serve it to the broad community and enjoy the beauty of the web live cartography… Because maps can be much more beautiful and tasty then the current served diet.

Annotation is only one part of the web mapping mashups, we have much more layers available to build up our own thematic maps which reflects map purpose for our current situation demand. Moreover these compositions and annotations should be shared across broad community for all kinds of spatial querying (not only implicit buffer zone). Releasing map viewer from the default content, relaxing from fixed spherical projections, opening to more OGC map services to build up rich map content and real ability and simplicity to share our map-arts is the next challenge for web map browsers.

Annonucing, it runs in Czech language and is currently in technology preview mode on

5 key messages:

1st message : “Shake you map sources” – that is add any layer you find usable for your nice maps. Advanced – change styles
2nd message : “Use your ingredients” – that is add any annotation for your business, for fun, for share.
3rd message : “Share your maps” – that is your maps are localizable, with simple permissions, your annotations are searchable by spatial queries
4th message: “Search other maps” include other people annotations for your maps. Query for by simple spatial query
5th message : “Use in in your context” – your map compositions are accessible in a field through iPhone

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