This is the last day of the conference FOSS4G2006 – Free And Open Source Software for Geoinformatics. There were lot of interesting topics and wonderful event at all. I was here mainly to spread the idea of geospatial appliances with MapSnack. I brough cca 28 DVD with MapSnack – UVAC edition and most of them were taken by audience after my speach on Thursday. I am glad that this idea of appliances is shared by two other contributors presenting there GDIdevL-running on GEMU and EOGEO running on miniMac. I also attended workshop for MapGuide Open Source but currently I am dissapointed by not supporting Debian and rasters on Linux…well they are going to improve soon. Among very interesting topics of the conference was ‘Sensor Enabled Web’ and ‘ICE’. Social event was ..wau.. superb – the dinner in the castle, cruise, free beer and wine on boat… Event organization – excelent… I also won a book “Mapping Hacks”. In general I am very happy I could join the conference, I got wide overview of what is going on in FOOS4G, approach of OSGeo people to geoinformatics (I attended F2F OSGeo open meeting on Monday 11th too) conference home page

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