Hacking Oracle

Simply annoying. You know that gorgeous message saying “memory couldn’t be wrrrrriten press OK to exit or Cancel to debug…”. I thought that TNSLISTENER of Oracle9 could say something more…My all classical reapairments (like reboot, reinstall) came to nought. Well I tried to press cancel and see disassembler complaining that memory around zero can’t be read. Of Course ! edx was 0

mov ecx,dword ptr [edx+578h]

I put edx=eax (eax seemed to be valid address) and debugger was at least for a while satisfied until he reached another address where I have used similar approach to get rid of non valid addresses…and I was able to login into my databse ! (but the problem was to do it all the time I run sqlplus;( At the end of the day I found it was something with ws32_2.dll actually windowsockets and its LSP. I used tool called WinsockXPFix.exe and restarted my laptop. All is now runing fine… But believe me, I was ready to use IDA dissasembler and permanently modify the orantcp9.dll ;) [a good tool for ‘assembler scripting’;]