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Analog photo turned into painting

Photo taken in the summer in one of the beautiful places in Czech Republic using Analogue Canon Demi EE28 camera. It was actually last frame on the film roll (72nd frame), low light conditions, 1/30, 2.8f ,  half frame. 


Most interesting however is that this photo has been used as source of inspiration for a painter – Barbora Balazikova (abaddion)  to draw it into a beautiful  scenery. PaintedPhoto

Canon demi EE28

What a nice half-frame camera from 1960ties. I think one of the best, even better than Olympus PEN I think as it doesn’t stop you from doing ‘wrong’ shots and the viewfinder shows auto-selected speeds. It is light-weight, pleasant to hold, small enough.

View finder is beautiful, needle is not visible enough but is moving by iteself – no need to press shutter button. When in blue area and lens are set to ‘blue’ 3 meters as well the focus is guaranteed to be OK on anything form 3 meter to infinity.