At Burton Catalyst Europe 2008 in Prague

Improving Development Process
SDLC : If you don’t build the right software, it doesn’t matter whether you build it right.
In fact…
• 35% of requirements change
• 45% of features are never used
• 82% of projects cite incomplete requirements as their #1 issue
Development Intelligence is BI applied to development – understanding the state of a development project at any point in time.
…. from the first day, Monday 20th October,2008

Future of a virtual desktops:
Steve Herrod (CTO VMWare)

– blend centralized and decentralized (mainframe)…(personal computers)
– Virtrual Desktop – vCloud vClient initiative
– Vision – full desktop run in the data center connect to desktop from anywhere
– Desktop term will have no meaning in few years…
– Desktop that follows user
– Evolution from Hosted to Hybrid !
– Master VM can update linked desktops/clones (as like update with windows) desktop image is available – it will handle user differences.
– I have asked question about graphical cards, openGL, Direct X supported in Virtual Desktops– Steve has mentioned what they have done on Apple. They can talk to those layers and still keeping VM image, they are not there yet.. may be in year or half.

The next gen application,Thomas Anne
– Macro business trends: “do less with less”
– app dev is viewed as unresponsive
Shifting the load:
– offshoring
– COTS, SaaS, “Cloud”
– “Same mess for less” (if we do not improve processes)
– Complexity kills, destroys ability to be agile (reason for app. to be unresponsiveness)

4 big trends:
SOA (Loosely-coupled shared services, SaaS, Servicing infrastructure and data)
UXP (RIA widgets, Fit Clients (not thin not thick just Fit)
Reducing Complexity/simpler more abstracts models and frameworks.

harsh reality:
– Redundant systems and portfolio bloat increase complexity and reduce agility
– Current model compounds the issues – traditional model is not SOA (model is focused on monolithical apps), they are tightly coupled distributed applications.

Requirements for a new model:
– Service-oriented rather than application-oriented
– “everything should be made as simple as possible not simpler”

– The best innovation happens in the startup community
– Technology is irrelevant – what matters is how you use it. Focus on principles and patterns.
– Make clear SoC

Technology != Change

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