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Flyover mode in MapKit with WMS

Suprise, iOS 9 MapKit finally enables  flyeover mode with WMS overlays ! I have used my github  MapKit sample and only  set in MapViewController    mkMapView.mapType = MKMapTypeHybridFlyover;

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Drawing Shape File on MapKit

Simple & strightforward test of loading shape file and drawing it on MapKit on iOS8 using drawMapRect GitHub:https://github.com/Sumbera/SHPonMapKit   draws only polygons so far primitive optimization, no scale optimisation Reading of shape file is performed by shapelib credits/inspiration: drawing : … Continue reading

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WMS with Google Maps on iOS

Sample for using WMS sources in Google Maps SDK for iOS. available on github here: https://github.com/Sumbera/WMS_iOS_GoogleMapSDK Provide your API key in the WMSController.h Google Maps for iOS used : 1.7.2 (April 2014) used XCode 5.1.1 (April 2014) iPad Air, iOS … Continue reading

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Instantiate view on iOS with mix of XIB and View class

How avoided storyboard and overloading XIB with just right split between what is visually defined and what is programatically programmed: visual set-up of the view in Interface builder – only view, no controllers and setting up outlets but no actions. … Continue reading

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UITableView with other view describes how to combine UITableView with other view in single UIVIewController using NIB

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How to disable base Google Maps in MapKit

Sept 26th 2012 update :for erasing iOS6 base maps look here: https://blog.sumbera.com/2012/09/26/how-to-erase-ios6-maps-in-mapkit/  I have searched this and couldn’t find any answer, so here is my own research so far on this subject. You can disable MapKit base layers using 3 … Continue reading

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