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Joy of Open Source

*** update IV/2017:  from comment below, check this great raster plug-in  from Victor Veralde Gutiérrez too: https://github.com/IHCantabria/Leaflet.CanvasLayer.Field/  *** I have got great, absolutely amazing  joy today from my own open source experiment. In 2014, nearly 2 years ago,  I have published … Continue reading

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geojson-vt on leaflet

update Sept 2015: nice explanation of how geojson-vt works here Mapbox technologies used in their webgl and opengl libraries are being extracted into standalone pieces. Vladimir Agafonkin,creator of leaflet.js, earcut.js provided slicing and polygon simplification library for geojson called Goejson-vt.Geojson-vt can … Continue reading

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Modern data visualization on map

 For this year HxGN14  conference  I have prepared a web app  of modern data vizualisation, I have got  inspired by great ideas from Victor Bret and his research and talks for general concept (high interactivity, visualization ) of this app. It is … Continue reading

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Leaflet WebGL many points rendering

WebGL is funny – programming in very low level style in JavaScript. This sample plots 86T points using this technology.  .       The code is very straightforward, the only thing is to how points are initially loaded and … Continue reading

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Data Visualisation with d3.js Cookbook

bought this great book on  d3.js (Data-Driven documents), written by  Nick Qi Zhu D3 can plot map in various projections, however do not expect to get same set of (overlapping) functionality as Leaflet or OpenLayers. D3 can extend these mapping frameworks. … Continue reading

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Leaflet Canvas Overlay

Updates: July 2016: refactored and moved to github here August 2015: check also “scaled”- based fast SVG rendering on top of Leaflet here it might be surprising in performance on Chrome. May 2015: Geojson-vt sample here is using Canvas overlay as well … Continue reading

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Many points with d3 and leaflet

Update August 2015: check “scaled”- based fast SVG rendering on top of Leaflet here Testing SVG limits of plotting points on map using D3, Leaflet following this base sample:http://bost.ocks.org/mike/leaflet. However instead of scaling SVG in deep zooms, I am using … Continue reading

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Leaflet, WebGL / Canvas tiled vectors

Update June 2014: Simple point WebGL sample is here: Cool WebGL and Canvas demo of vector drawing in Leaflet 0.8  ! WebGL: http://vector.io/vector-map/ Canvas : http://vector.io/vector-map/#canvas GitHub project: https://github.com/bcamper/vector-map  

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