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SVG map sample and Canavas in OpenLayers

Update August 2015: check “scaled”- based fast SVG rendering on top of Leaflet here

Updated May 2014: check leaflet Canvas test here, SVG with d3 here   and WebGL here

Canvas map sample.

Thesis on Canvas and Open Layers (August 2010) “Evaluation of HTML5 for its Use in the Web Mapping Client OpenLayers”

OpenLayers with Canavas  (partialy deprecated) http://trac.osgeo.org/openlayers/wiki/Future/OpenLayersWithCanvas

SVG vs Canvas comparison by Jeffrey Warren from : http://unterbahn.com/2009/08/svg-vs/

“Well, SVG doesn’t scale well to large numbers of objects, but Canvas doesn’t
scale well to large screens”

“SVG performance degrades quickly (exponentially on Safari?) in the number of
objects, but Canvas performance remains at a near-constant low. This makes
sense, since Canvas is just a bitmap buffer, while SVG has to maintain
additional references to each object that it renders. Also, though not pictured,
note that performance in clearing an SVG element also decreases in the number of
drawn objects.”

[UPDATE] PDC2010 video by Patrick Dengler : http://videoaz.microsoftpdc.com/vod/downloads/vod/CD53_PatrickDengler/CD53_PatrickDengler_PDC_WMV_High_1280x720_2500k.wmv