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Matrix Cycle in 3D

Linear transformation in 3D graphics can be tricky, here is as “Matrix Cycle” that should help to better understand transition between spaces. The tricky part is actual numerical representation (or direction) in the transformation matrix.   Some info about  also here (nice notation of actual numerical matrix direction) nice online demo here 

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from Model to Screen:




transformation in AR

The key is to choose your boss

   It is 10 years when I have got a call to join Autodesk. It was a time when I was 4 years at Intergraph and the opportunity  to work for leading 3D  desktop company was so attractive. So after few interviews, visiting Autodesk’s UK office,  I  canceled my current contract with  Intergraph, got a new one with Autodesk, including stock option, car, great compensation… and was in 2 months leaving period.  Something unexpected  happened, despite the fact  I haven’t said to anybody where I am going. I remember sitting  outside in  the Amsterdam office  and my boss opened a ppt presentation in front of me asking me “Stanislav, what  would you like to do” ? First slide : “here we have new organization structure  and we still seek right people – look here –  what about functional designer role” ? I have kindly refused this, so he continues to a next slide… technical, architecture and strategy  group  ?  I started to pay attention…  as I saw there in the top of the  organization chart a name of the person I would like to work for.   After few internal interviews, my new role and how I would fit here and there I have got new exciting offer and I have accepted it,  had to rollback my cancelation with Intergraph, had to rollback my Autodesk ,  and for next  7 years I enjoyed to report to Intergraph CTO, could work on various geospatial-related prototypes, contribute to conferences and meet with key  people.  I still wear  Autodesk key strap from the UK office visit, though.

So if you can,  choose your boss   then watch chain reaction over the  time, this is the key….   enjoy 2018  !

3D visual interactive analysis with myVR SDK at HxGN Live 2017

Recent weeks I have been working on the concept code named ‘Impact IN’  where I could apply few interesting ideas of the modern, interactive 3D  geospatial analysis. The core 3D functionality and viewshed analysis is provided by myVR SDK . While this concept is demonstrated  on iPad Pro with iOS , myVR SDK  is truly multi-platform SDK so this can be run on any platform (Android, Web, Desktop, it runs even on Daqri helmet!). I have used Apple Pencil to navigate directional viewshed and to drive fly-through on 3D map  – it works like joystick. Another concept  shown here is the real-time transition of the analysis from 3D to 2D – so while user interacts with the viewshed on 3D city model  of London , it is at the same time reflected on 2D map, creating thematic map of the impacted areas – a classic GIS result that can undergo further analysis in a GIS system of choice, or better go directly as input into the Smart M.App    (e.g. into Studio or Grid Analysis)….  following video is what attendees could see at HxGN Live 2017 . [will continue next time]