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3D visual interactive analysis with myVR SDK

Recent weeks I have been working on the concept code named ‘Impact IN’  where I could apply few interesting ideas of the modern, interactive 3D  geospatial analysis. The core 3D functionality and viewshed analysis is provided by myVR SDK . While … Continue reading

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GPU accelerated visual analytics

Recent months I had lot of fun working   on WebGL component called “mGL” for visualizing and filtering large amount of data in the browser. It has been used  for Incident Analyzer and Area Analyzer Smart M.Apps. Here are  2 … Continue reading

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Flyover mode in MapKit with WMS

Suprise, iOS 9 MapKit finally enables  flyeover mode with WMS overlays ! I have used my github  MapKit sample and only  set in MapViewController    mkMapView.mapType = MKMapTypeHybridFlyover;

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Overlay WMS on 3D maps on iOS

After more than 3 years it still amazes me how  good is  myVR  technology  for 3D  maps on  iOS.  Watch Czech Republic DMT with CUZK orthophoto as base map  and cadastral or geography WMS overlay:

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iKatastr2 aktualizace na App Store

iKatastr2  update je na  App Store !  Diky všem, kteří jej používají  a podporují tento projekt. Těší mě, že se aplikace hojně používá – a to byl také hlavní důvod aktualizace aplikace. Tento update  je  udržovací – obsahuje rekompilaci na nejnovější … Continue reading

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Hybrid vs Native

It has been a while since my iOS native development. Just came across this report on the subject of native vs hybrid : Native vs Hybrid . Interestingly enough I have expected clear recommendation for hybrid as today devices are more capable … Continue reading

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PC web vs. Mobile app usage

This chart shows real usage (sessions)  of iKatastr app over 5 years of running  as app on iOS, Android and on PC as web page  in CZ.  Tiny Windows Store app  and  Windows Phone app usage couldn’t be rendered at … Continue reading

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Google Trends – close to reality ?

or no ? … how to explain this picture ? iKatastr was indeed attempt to introduce new term for accessing cadastral data in Czech Republic, and it launched on iOS, Android and web 5 years ago, no public advertising, no … Continue reading

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…před 20 lety jsem tuto knihu  našel na stole v jednom starém, opuštěném  domě v Brně, dodnes se k ní vracím jako k pokladu… Breviář PŮJDE TO ! ING J. SOLAR, Praha 1938, 3. vydání

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First time 100K visits over month period.  20M clicks & reaching 3M sessions overall.  

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