Overlay WMS in Silverlight Bing

Update May 2014: Git repo available here: https://github.com/Sumbera/WMSOnSilverlight

Web demo : http://www.sumbera.com/lab/WmsOnSilverlight/WmsOnSilverlightTestPage.html



6 thoughts on “Overlay WMS in Silverlight Bing

  1. I cant get the overlay to show, the Google tiles and everything else displays fine but i dont get any WMS overlay…?

    1. There is some bug in Silverlight (or Bing map control) that doesn’t for some reason display WMS overlays in other platfroms than Windows. So if you run Mac, Linux you won’t see WMS overlay. On Windows you should see it regardless of the broswer used. S.

      1. Hmm…but im using WinXP, IE8 and Silverlight(3.0.40818.0), but no WMS overlay? Am i supposed to do something to make it work?

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