MapSnack pilot run

MapSnack runs.
thanks to Jachym Cepicky and Peter Balogh we have now 2 pilot runs of MapSnack

1st: – serving school forest enterprise maps SLP Krtiny
2nd : – serving maps of southmoravia area

all 2 virtual geospatial appliances runs on server MapBistro with VMware Server installed on Debian

The only thing which is missing there is a button for downloading MapSnack.
So kind of Web WYSIWYG :))


Reading MapSnack virtual disks directly from DVD

Today I’ve tried to access virtual disks from DVD to run MapSnack. Interestingly enough it runs, the trick is to make snapshot which can be read-only and remain on DVD – so you don’t need to copy all Gigabytes to your hardrive. Instead you copy on your HD just few MB of ‘delta’ virtual disks which need to be writable. Of course it is slower to read from DVD but for saving a disk space that make sense. So let’s consider following modes of running MapSnack: 1. virtualized and runing from harddrive (current release) 2. virtualized but mostly run directly from DVD (this) 3. native run from DVD as LiveDVD (see previous post) 4. hybrid run – native: small booting iso image which mounts virtual disks virtual: see point 2. Number 4 is target which brings great flexibility.